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    Post by B's_luv_autocannons on Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:51 pm

    The only entry in Scorpions journal-log. No recorded date. A monologue:

    So, you think life in the imperium is hard? If you've never had to eat the people you've gone on hunts with, because you couldn't find anything to kill. Go. Fuck. Yourself.

    That was my life. Good to the last drop. People think that us "feral'ers" are all a bunch of crazed out killers who have no morals. And that's bullshit. We don't let anything go to waste.

    Everything gets re-purposed. Everything, and everyone. If you can't find food, you better be able to build shit, if you cant do either, then the only thing keeping you off the dinner plate is strength.

    The weakest 2 will fight to the death. The winner eats, the loser is meat. This is why hunters always went out in two's. Some of them were stronger than me sure, but no one knew of what I could do with my mind. That's how I always kept coming home.

    I was damn good at it. I wasn't always this big beautiful bastard though. I used to be pretty puny, but I could move things with my mind, and do some other weird voodoo shit, but my momsy told me to keep it a secret. So I did, at least, I thought I did. I would still practice it when I was out alone. During one bad hunt, when it came down to the two of us killing each other, I got the attention of some pirates.

    Well, they saw fit to re-purpose me into their crew. Didn't like it at first, fuck, I still don't like them really. The jobs are fun though. I mean, we go around, break shit, steal shit and then eat shit. Better than living back home at least. Most of them don't mess with me, at least the smart ones dont. It's been a while now though, and apparently pirates are pansies, because I got put in charge of things, real quick like.

    Scorpion isn't even my real name. I was just the only one able to carry this autocannon, and it had 'stinger' written on the side. I got the name because, well fuck, because pirates are assholes. It'll do though, it doesn't matter what people call me, as long as they fear me. I will get my own ship, maybe even this one for starters. Just gotta find a convenient way out.

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