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    Inquisitorial Report: Space Hulk Gilgamesh

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    Post by Iris from Deck B on Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:54 am

    ++CONSOLE ACCESS HISTORY 8_253_932M37++
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    Verification: sigma-62659 libra
    ++ Clearance Level: Recognised ++
    Welcome, Inquisitor [REDACTED]
    ++Inquisitorial records from the archives of [REDACTED] of the Ordo Malleus :

    "They're begging us, you see, in their wordless way to do something, to speak on their behalf, or at least not to seal the bulkhead again. Lost people of Lethe and Ortho. Save us, save us, they seem to say. Let the Emperor not abandon us who have come so far in darkness and in pain. They too had their lives to live. You with your staggering power and ageless faces, let not our naive labors have been in vain."
    -testament of Unnamed Apparition aboard the derelict Pira Dormir, Space Hulk Gilgamesh

    By the most accurate estimates available, Gilgamesh had drifted for thirty centuries before its destruction. It had been sighted more than three hundred times in various locations throughout the Gothic Sector, although it never stayed in the same place for more than five hours. By the time local fleets from the Imperial Navy could be mustered, the Hulk had already slipped back into the Immaterium, the sudden radical shift in local gravity disrupting sensitive instruments, environments, and interplanetary travel for months afterwards.

    Records compiled after its final appearance track the progressive changes in Gilgamesh’s composition with each emergence into Real Space.  For its first dozen appearances, it consisted mainly of lost Munitorum ships utterly crushed by asteroids, completely unsalvageable flotsam that was more of a nuisance and an eyesore than any real threat. Occasionally, the remnants of wayward ships registered MIA in Munitorum records could be recognized amongst the wreckage, but none of them were deemed intact enough to risk recovering their cargo.

    It wasn’t until its appearances in the early years of its twelfth century were heralded by the disruption of Astropathic transmissions.  In the early hours before emerging from the Warp, local Astra Telepathica chapters would be struck wholly blind, with neophytes completely losing their ability to engage with the Empyrean.  They were far more fortunate than their elders, who could feel the exact shape and nature of the Shadow suffocating their abilities, some choosing to self terminate rather than risk being touched by the overbearing presence.

    By the middle of its twenty-fifth century adrift, the entire Port Maw subsector was on high alert for the Gilgamesh, and fleets poured forth from the region’s namesake in search of the foreboding satellite. Orders were to annihilate the Hulk on sight with Cyclonic Torpedoes to prevent whatever monstrosity it harbored from gaining a foothold in the sector. A scant few were lucky enough to spot it, fewer still were able to assume bombardment positions before its scant hours in real space were spent and it disappeared back into the Warp.

    The Hulk’s destruction was heralded when a Grey Knight strike cruiser encountered the vessel as it phased into reality directly off their starboard bow.  What exactly this cruiser was doing so far from the Sol system is unknown; all attempts to contact the Ordo Malleus for verification have been met with silence or the abrubt disappearance of the inquirer.

    Their psychic powers diminished by the Shadow, the Knights were forced to teleport Purgation squads aboard the Hulk, armed with Incinerators in lieu of their more potent Psi-weaponry.  Aboard they encountered the newly documented space-faring race named “Genestealers” by Ordo Xenos scholars, which had overrun the wreckage encompassing the entire southern hemisphere and were creeping their way north. Thanks in part to the area denial provided by the Holy Flames, the Grey Knights sustained no casualties in the assault and managed to regroup just beyond the border of the Genestealer’s territory in the northeastern quadrant, where they happened upon roughly one third of another Astartes vessel, the Pira Dormir, once belonging to the CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, INDIGO CLEARANCE REQUIRED.

    Override Accepted
    The ill-fated mutant Flame Falcons Chapter, declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the Ordo Malleus and purged by the same chapter that now roamed its halls.  

    In the depths of the heretical vessel, a small colony of humans was discovered living in the remnants of the Engineering and Serfdom decks.  Somehow, despite the devastating damage to the ship, both the Gellar Field and life support systems had remained functional, although centuries without proper Mechanicus oversight had denied the Machine Spirits proper maintenance. The Warp Drive, however, had become unstable, and upon further inspection was revealed to be the source of the Space Hulk’s frequent jumps through reality, releasing powerful bursts of energy as it did so.
    While disturbing, although not surprising, the surviving humans aboard the ship had fallen from the Imperial Creed. Among others, depictions of a great Eye had been painted, carved, or otherwise scrawled all over the ship; incorporated into the worship of the colony. The Grey Knights surmised that this symbol could only be an avatar representing the Eye of Terror, and prepared to wipe clean this affront to the Emperor.  However, as they turned their flame weapons on the colonists, they were accosted seemingly from nowhere by small squad of other Space Marines, wreathed in flames that neither harmed nor consumed their bearers, but matched those of the Incinerators in intensity. The battle between the two forces was short, and these apparitions were banished back to the Immaterium. However, the Hulk’s five hour time limit was reached just as the last of the specters vanished, only instead of the Hulk vanishing from real space; the remaining colonists disappeared from the ship without a trace.

    Gilgamesh was then promptly fractured via a Magna Melta charge teleported into the heart of the vessel, and the remaining chunks were vaporized by the Strike Cruiser and support fleets. None of the colonists have since been found.

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