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    Slow pulling together of old plot threads here.

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    Slow pulling together of old plot threads here. Left_bar_bleue900/900Slow pulling together of old plot threads here. Empty_bar_bleue  (900/900)
    Slow pulling together of old plot threads here. Left_bar_bleue10000/10000Slow pulling together of old plot threads here. Empty_bar_bleue  (10000/10000)

    Slow pulling together of old plot threads here. Empty Slow pulling together of old plot threads here.

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    You guys should post things you remember I've forgotten
    First Campaign:

    Green sun nadir locates the herald of darkness.
    He the bringer of lambent tides, rides before the warhost of blades.
    Reavers awakend by insanity's export revel in the mad god's laughter

    One mind burns brightly, illuminating the daemon night.
    She unchecked holds the key
    He excommunicae lies least

    Blood ties strength
    Oaths bind choices
    Tomes salvage the metallic man
    He reborn, shines in the light of she unchained
    PC Hooks:


    -(Virginia) Jemadar Phrix: Young psyker, shipborn, lost family and ship in tragedy brought about by nascent ability. Schola progenium raised after acquisition by black ships. Inquisitor Vevrain has an eye on her for undisclosed reasons. Is "the mind that burns brightly, illuminating the daemon night".

    -(Andrew) Andre: Space Marine Scout, Deathwatch chapter, hiveborn. Brother is enigmatic inquisitor, has intervened in Andre's life fairly frequently. His bloodline is of importance (banishing a greater daemon). Is "he reborn".

    -(Alex) Johnny Walker: Civilian turned agent, caught up in daemonic plot, Inquisitor Vevrain had his eye on Johnny for undisclosed reasons. Is "the metallic man." Unhinged, hears voices (is possessed).

    -(Kyra) :Civilian from life of crime, never gotten along with people for extended periods of time, people have intial revulsion that is hard to overcome. Is a low calibre untouchable, was targeted by Inquisitor Othmar as a potential canidate for truning into a living weapon against Chaos. Was given infusions of Andre's bloodline, as well as Nonnullus, which is continuing to be administered through her collar. Is "she unchecked".

    -(Crowe) : Techpriest whom got caught up in the group's escapades within Alecto. Is being sent with the Acolytes on a pilgrimage to atone for his transgressions against knowledge and the omnissiah.

    -(Zaro) Shanks: Was lax in his duties as a guardsman, caused the destruction of an allied civilian target when the explosives he used set off an avalanche that crushed the large town in the valley below. Sent to penal legion, was recruited from there by Inquisitor Othmar. Is "he excommunicae".

    -(Dan) Tybalt: Was raised in the Schola Progenium, orphaned when his parents were killed during an Ork Waaagh. Has a hidden agenda passed on to him by Inquisitor Vevrain. Is "tomes" to salvage Alex.

    Other Major Players

    -Inquisitor Nathan Vevrain: Brought up in the Schola Progenium alongside (Dan's) father. Vevrain was taken under wing by Inquisitor Hallus Farrow once Vevrain was sixteen, and was groomed to be Farrow's Interrogator and ultimately, his successor. Vevrain Ordo Xenos leanings were apparently immediately and nurtured. His inquisitive nature brought about his and (Dan's) father's friendship. Often utilizing the greater leniency bestowed upon him by nature of his patronage, Vevrain would explore the Schola's modestly sized grounds. He happened upon a younger boy, whom was writing Imperial Creed on chalkboards in an otherwise empty classroom. Vevrain offered to show a "hidden" passage out, and was immediately caught. Both were punished. The pair's friendship primarily consisted of Vevrain pushing (Dan's) father to break rules and skip out on classes, things a commisar in training ought not do, and consistently, (Dan's) father suffered the consequences. Despite this, they remained friends even after parting ways after graduating from the Progenium. With Vevrain calling upon (Dan's) father's imperial regiment for support and (Dan's) father calling upon Vevrain when his greater political leverage was needed. (Dan's) father's death, due to his regiment's presence being on a request made by Vevrain, has plauged his psyche, so he attempts to ensure (Dan's) well being when possible. This information is not known to (Dan).

    -Inquisitor Denethol Othmar:
    Setting Info:
    "Lorenzo Guarente" (Second RT Name) "Lauricius Giseppi" (First RT Name) Lucien Goeppner - Cult Leader
    - Associates -
    ⦁ "Lincoln Hatfield" Lance Haverly : Troublemaker, standard psychopath, but not by choice. Possesed by a daemon invited into reality by his parents, Lance has been fighting a losing battle for his body and soul.
    ⦁ "Clarence Silvertone" Clinton Sheely : Ex-Bartender, Dock worker, not working with LG anymore, was decieved by LG then taken to Erinyes System. Fell in with crime syndicate operated by ET for protection, owes ET a large debt for hiding him.
    ⦁ Erza Teppes : Mystery Beggar, syndicate leader, self proclaimed inheritor of the system. Was informed of LG's plots, sees LG as a threat to his sovreignty. Has been siphoning the Nonullus to a separate facility for anti-psyker weaponry.
    ⦁ Tyrone Tebo : Random dude, cultist under Erza
    ⦁ Cody Urbain : Shipping CEO
    ⦁ Arcturus Octavius : Space marine Sergeant gone chaplain

    Erinyes System
    Once a decade, the entire system experiences an event its inhabitants know of as the "Lambent Night". Concurrent solar eclipses on every planet in system, all precisely the same in duration. Mass disspearances happen, no traces left behind. Solar corona turns green. Other solar eclipses that occur do not invoke any of these phenomena.

    Decima - Agri and Imperial world - Political and trade hub of the system, produces food, fuel, and other auxiliary items for Nona in return for tech. Three continents, one uexplored, only successfully surveyed from orbit, nothing apparently wrong with it. Nothing returns from its shores. Curfew is strictly enforced when the "Lambent Night" occurs.

    Island - Alecto - Insane Asylum, for Lambent Night afflictees.
    -Secret development facility for creation of artificial untouchables and strengthening of natural ones in addition to creating anti-chaos weponry.

    -Bill Quayle - Local PDF commander
    -Lance Ferret - Head of R&D
    -Rosalinda Lynx - Chief Medical Officer
    -Inquisitor Othmar/Magos Arcreid - Mentally unstable Inquisitor paired with a Magos whom has taken a liking to him, for reasons undisclosed the Magos continues to keep Othmar alive and caters to many of his whims. Arcreid is the creator of the IOSD.

    - Eris - PDF training facility

    Nona - Forge World - Primarily produces war materiel for Imperium forces, light vehicles, and a small number of Psyker nullification devices. Ammunition is plentiful, weaponry is not.


    - Nemisis - Mining Facility - Site of most of Nona's disappearances, high concetrations of rarer ores required for manufacturing.

    Artificial Satellite

    - XODW-2 Prototype Defence Station - Created due to Adeptus Mechanicus prediction engines pointing towards a possible Xenos incursion, also as a display of force to ensure the covetous eyes on Decima remain in check.

    Morta - Xeno-world - Site of Ordo Xenos Archaeological digs, pre-human Xenos society and possible Dark Age human society ruins. Excavation proceeding in hopes of finding STCs.

    Moons - Mirror the positions of the celestial bodies in the solar system, Morta as sun, its moons as the planets.

    - Lachesis - Ordo Xenos listening post
    - Clotho - Ordo Xenos research station
    - Atropos - Ordo Xenos Archaeological Site Beta
    Plot points I remember:
    Sisters of Battle purge an island, rescue V, nonullus
    Othmar, green static mecha horse on asylum island
    An inquisitor turns into a daemon prince
    Find a knight titan, kill a khornate mutated daemonically possesed reaver
    Chaos and DE attack, necrons awaken in system
    "Planet is a space station" Campaign:

    Setting infodump:
    victus imperata : agri world
    atratas lymphae : company
    Interrigator Derren Invrain
    Inquisitor Damien Vevrain
    Geralt Othmar
    Bishop Victor Orpheus - General Preacher - Big Bad - Montague
    Bishop Phil Marcellus - Nobility Preacher - Capulet
    Bishop Tirion Fordring - Rural Preacher - Lannister
    Commander Martell - Ecclesiarchal Arbite - Borgia
    Noble Houses: House Monatgue, House Capulet, House Borgia, House Auditore, House Lannister, House Ceasar
    Plot points I remember:
    Female space marine under bigass cathedral
    Daemonic incursion
    Germinatua Imperativus:

    Info Dump:
    Forge World Eucleia

    Shrine World Cassius

    Guild Frumentus

    Accipridae Ave

    Aethris Avernus (Nathun Vevrain)



    Titius McGeexix

    Rear Admiral Avernus Forscythe

    Magos Gerard Bure

    Udrel Hinther Alandius Fluhanuh Tegren XXIV - Ex-Lord Productivus

    Meriel Artoi - Current Lord Productivus

    Hrenth Invarth Sergen - Lord of Militarium

    Egle Vinterstoppen - Lord of Resources

    Bernardino Overfirth - Lord of Administration

    Ferva Innithour Gerstahn - Planetary Govenor

    Lord Adjutant Terence -

    Glavius Hayle - Arbites Commander

    Ginto Vect - Arbites Contact

    Iver Forith - Customs Contact

    Brutus Benedict Iscariot - Bodyguard Dude

    Adeptus Peregrinus - Wantering Adept

    Cera Alarum - Ship

    Sword of Glory - Jacoby Issacs

    Hamaer Locke

    Absolution of Tethys - Captain Flynt Locke

    Adrian Hughes - Astropath

    Gold Thrush

    Mechanicus Ranks




    Shuttle Cargo
    5 guns

    Plot I can remember:

    Tegren is a douche
    Fancy-cat ship
    Murder continent of proto-nids
    Genestealers in the basement
    Nids come

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